A manifesto … A disguised self-portrait

An invitation to read the works of art beyond the mere aesthetics …

An invitation to feel them and make them your own …

My artworks can be read and felt on several levels and the spectator is entirely free to live them according to his choice, to imprint on them his experience, his history, his emotions.

This short text is a curtain-raiser on my thoughts about this series of four works that was created without premeditation.

Blue woman oil painting

“Blue Mood”

My first says “no! ». Why walk in the dark? The light is within reach. The light is within us.

Oil on canvas, 30×60 cm, 2020

“Comme un songe”

My second is taking shape gently, like a dream, looking to the future. Nimbed in turquoise, the colour of wisdom and serenity.

Oil on canvas, 30×60 cm, 2020

“Hommage à Tamara”

Woman artist, woman of shadows and light. My third is the bearer of the teachings of the past, of individual and collective memories.

Oil on canvas, 30×60 cm, 2020


My everything is a creative woman. A woman facing immensity. A permanent interaction between received and shared energy. An invitation to feel, to share, to communicate, to radiate …

Oil on canvas, 70×100 cm, 2020