Iceberg, Oil on canva, 2020
Sommet, Charcoal and pastel, 2024
Sainte Victoire, Oil on canva, 2023
Les demoiselles de Roussillon, Oil on canva, 2022
L’apparition, Charcoal and pastel, 2024


The “Nature Allegories” series is a reflection of a woman’s vital link to nature, and a reflection of an evolution; important passages in life.

“Fusionner” echoes the butterfly that sleeps in each of us and invites us to assume and express it in the open.

“Fleurir” echoes the springtime of life that can be reborn at any age as soon as we bloom.

“Se métamorphoser” echoes all the small and large transformations that take place in our lives and allow us to spread our wings.

“S’enraciner” echoes the need to anchor oneself and invites one to recharge one’s batteries in contact with nature.

Top left: “Fusionner” – Oil on linen tondo – Diameter 30 cm
Top right : ” Fleurir ” – Oil on linen tondo – Diameter 30 cm
Bottom left : ” Metamorphosing ” – Oil on linen tondo – Diameter 20 cm
Bottom right : ” Taking root ” – Oil on linen tondo – Diameter 40 cm


Pyrite, Oil on canva, 70×100 cm, 2021