When I paint or draw, my heart can’t choose between colors and black and white. My favourite techniques are oil painting, charcoal drawing and sanguine.

I aim at conveying a rhythm, a light, colors that reflect someone’s personality, emotions, and unique character.

As an artist who is very interested in history, art history, the big History, the small stories, everyone’s or someone’s story ; I create women that carry with them all of these stories.

From universal history to personal story, there is sometimes no more than a short step and especially many connections. These connections become lines and they are at the heart of my work. I’m looking for an esthetic’s construction in the artwork and for woman’s identity.

Women who are at the heart of the lines and at the heart of theirs life lines. Threads that symbolize an invisible construction that unite us, bind us, seduce us or restrain us…

Women who talk about themselves behind appearances.

Women who question the spectator or become a mirror, that sometimes give us the impression that they disappear behind a setting or a costume, however they are still here and know how to impose their presence.